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About us

Valley Ranch Montessori was founded in 2011 to provide quality education and to provide a launching pad for pre-primary and Kindergarten children to prepare them for the challenges they will face in primary school and higher levels. We strongly believe in Montessori methodology of learning and we strive to nurture excellence in every child using proven Montessori methods.

We ensure one-on-one attention for every child and provide an affordable alternative to the crowded Montessori schools.

The school is licensed by the State of Texas and under the purview of The Department of Family and Protective Services. Being a licensed school, we will provide a tax id for child care reimbursement (please consult your tax adviser to check if you qualify).  

The school is a Home Based Montessori but is NOT A DAY CARE. Our primary focus is on your child's education and on extracting the maximum potential out of him/her. Our classroom has complete Montessori material to educate pre-primary and Kindergarten children. Please contact us to take a tour of the classroom. As a parent, you will not be disappointed!